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Katastrophenhilfe 1999
Taiwan SGI member delivering relief goods after the 1999 earthquake.

SGI organizations respond promptly to emergency situations. Local fund-raising takes place and relief supplies are either delivered direct or given to agencies responsible for emergency assistance.

Local SGI community centers are often opened to provide shelter and emergency aid for survivors of natural disasters, for instance after a large earthquake struck the Niigata region of Japan in 2004. Members mounted relief operations and those with medical expertise helped care for affected individuals.

After the Asian tsunami disaster of 2004, SGI organizations throughout the region mobilized financial and human resources and worked closely with other organizations and official agencies to gather and deliver relief supplies effectively.

Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, members of SGI-USA assisted relief operations and collected over 40,000 toys and books for children in temporary shelters.

Singapore Soka Association (SSA) youth, together with those from other organizations, regularly spend their holidays assisting with education and refurbishment at orphanages in South East Asian countries as part of SSA’s “Youth Expedition” overseas community service project.

Over a 15-year period, SGI youth in Japan held 21 refugee relief fund-raising drives, raising over $12 million for UNHCR and NGOs assisting refugees.

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