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The Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research, founded by Daisaku Ikeda, was established in 1996 in honor of the ideals advocated by the second Soka Gakkai president Josei Toda, a staunch pacifist who called for the abolition of all nuclear weapons. The institute brings peace researchers, policy-makers and community activists together on projects related to peace-building and dialogue among civilizations.

The institute’s research program has engaged over 500 peace scholars in all five continents, focusing on the issues of human security, regionalization and democratization. It has held international conferences in London, Berlin, Durban, Cyprus, Istanbul, Okinawa, Tokyo, Madrid, Vancouver and Budapest which have led to the publication of over 16 volumes, including contributions from prominent peace scholars.

The institute also publishes Peace and Policy, a journal devoted to such themes as “Violence in a Nonviolent World,”and “America and the World: The Double Bind.”

In its second decade, 2006-2015, the Toda Institute will focus on the themes of human development, regional conflicts and global governance.“

Toda's Deklaration
Josei Toda proclaims his declaration for the abolition of all nuclear weapons

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