Creating Value
The Soka Education

The Soka Education

Education exists for the purpose of nurturing the boundless range of talents inherent in each individual and of cultivating character so that each person is able to take on the responsibilities called for by the future. Human beings are always at the very heart of the workings of society, whether this be in industry, economics, politics, science or art. For this reason and for the betterment of society, the improvement of education is one of the most meaningful undertakings mankind faces today.

Deeply grounded in the unchanging principle of respect for the dignity of human life, Soka (Value-creating) Education considers the cultivation of humanity to be of the utmost significance. Soka Education also aims to bring up selfmotivated people who are capable of creating value in their own lives and in society. This ideal originates in the principles of education expounded by Tsunesaburo Makiguchi. Mr.Makiguchi devoted his entire life to the reform of education, which to him meant setting up within the educational system a methodology that would serve to create real value for humanity. Mr.Makiguchi stated the purpose of Soka's humanistic educational system in no uncertain terms: "Eduction is the creation of value for humanity."

SGI has it roots in Soka Kyoiku Gakkai, an organization originally founded by Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and Josei Toda to promote educational reform in Japan in 1930. SGI sees education as the key to a healthy society and is committed to promoting humanistic education aimed at fostering the unique potential of every human being and a deeper understanding of human life and the world we live in.

SGI organizations hold workshops and seminars and run adult literacy programs in response to local needs. In Japan, educators offer free counseling services to parents, children and parents. In Brazil, the Makiguchi Education Project emphasizes the dynamic relationship between schools, parents and teachers, and aims to develop the inner strength of each child.

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