Cultural Exchange


Min-On Concert Association

Min-On was founded in 1963 at the initiative of Daisaku Ikeda, President of the Soka Gakkai International, out of consideration for this crucial role of culture. Registered as an independent and incorporated foundation in 1965, it has since grown to become one of Japan's leading music promoters.

Min-On aims to make available diverse music of high quality, ranging from classical music to modern and from popular music to traditional, to as wide a range of music lovers as possible. Its various programs include conducting musical exchanges with cultural associations worldwide. It also sponsors musical competitions and school concerts to foster the growth of new talent and encourage the emotional development of young people.

Min-On also has already sponsored various exchange programs with Austria, such as the invitations of the Mozart Boys Choir (1973) and the Vienna State Opera (1980) to Japan.

Wr. Staatsoper in Japan
The Vienna State Opara touring Japan (1980)

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