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Postwar Reconstruction

Contrary to Mr. Makiguchi, ho died in 1944, Josei Toda survived the imprisonment by the military regime and was released a few weeks before the war ended.

Amidst the confusion of postwar Japan, he set out to rebuild the Soka Gakkai, expanding its mission from the field of education to the betterment of society as a whole. He promoted an active, socially engaged form of Buddhism as a means of self-empowerment--a way to overcome obstacles in life and tap inner hope, confidence, courage and wisdom.

This message resonated especially among the disenfranchised of Japanese society, and before Toda's death in 1958 there were approximately one million members. In 1957, in a forceful statement, Toda called on youth to work for the abolition of nuclear weapons. This became the cornerstone of the Soka Gakkai's peace activities.

Toda's Deklaration
Josei Toda proclaims his declaration for the abolition of all nuclear weapons (1957)

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